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My last post

Before you freak out, I’m not dying!!

And these aren’t the last words you’re hear from me either. But this blog as we know it is coming to an end.

I’ve seen it coming for a while but wanted to end gently and gracefully. So I completed my interview series (weren’t these great men and women? Oh, the world is filled with such wonderful people). And gave myself time to come up with what would be my last post.

These last words (for now) came one night after a sobering and liberation realization. I knew I had to grab my pen and write till there was nothing left to be said. I knew it was important for me to be reminded of this truth. And that makes me think it will make a difference for you to.

Enjoy. And read till the end to find out how to keep in touch (other than coming to Ecuador to have coffee with me).


One day you realize there’s no one coming to rescue you.

It’s the most beautiful and most terrifying realization ever. One you’ve been waiting to hear your whole life-long ¬†while at the same time resisting it.

But here’s the reality my dear: You have it all in you. You have all it takes to take the next step; to leap into the unknown and soar. All that knowledge you’ve accumulated over the years; all the experience; all the heartbreaks, all the epiphanies… There’s no better time than now to put them at use.

Your personal power is a reality. You’ve got so much more radiance and resilience than you think. You can move mountains if you want. You can create the most beautiful work of Art. You can raise a terrific family.

I wish I had instructions to give but there is no need for any. The blueprint for all you are about to create already exists in your heart. And just like in all you’ve been doing in the past, you’ll have to put one foot after the other and let the path guide you. You’ll have to rely on your inner sense and at times trust against all odds that what you know in your innermost heart. You’ll have to rely on the Divine and commune with your Creator every morning and eve. You’ll have to ask others for help and learn to create bridges where there were walls. For in community you will find your strength multiplied.

You’ll have to learn when to say No, when to retreat, when to shut doors and when to step back and let things unfold.

But all of that, and so much more, you already know it. It’s all in you.

So resolve to start now.

Don’t wait another minute.

Don’t wait for any prince charming, any perfect woman or repented parent to come to your rescue.

You are alone. And you are ready.

Can you feel the Universe holding its breath, waiting for you to start?


ps. Want to keep in touch? Me to. Send me an email to coach.bahieh AT gmail DOT com and I’ll keep you informed when the next project comes up. No annoying emails or sales-y stuff, I promise.

pps. You can also follow me on twitter and facebook.

ppps. Thanks for being there!


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