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My last post

Before you freak out, I’m not dying!!

And these aren’t the last words you’re hear from me either. But this blog as we know it is coming to an end.

I’ve seen it coming for a while but wanted to end gently and gracefully. So I completed my interview series (weren’t these great men and women? Oh, the world is filled with such wonderful people). And gave myself time to come up with what would be my last post.

These last words (for now) came one night after a sobering and liberation realization. I knew I had to grab my pen and write till there was nothing left to be said. I knew it was important for me to be reminded of this truth. And that makes me think it will make a difference for you to.

Enjoy. And read till the end to find out how to keep in touch (other than coming to Ecuador to have coffee with me).


One day you realize there’s no one coming to rescue you.

It’s the most beautiful and most terrifying realization ever. One you’ve been waiting to hear your whole life-long  while at the same time resisting it.

But here’s the reality my dear: You have it all in you. You have all it takes to take the next step; to leap into the unknown and soar. All that knowledge you’ve accumulated over the years; all the experience; all the heartbreaks, all the epiphanies… There’s no better time than now to put them at use.

Your personal power is a reality. You’ve got so much more radiance and resilience than you think. You can move mountains if you want. You can create the most beautiful work of Art. You can raise a terrific family.

I wish I had instructions to give but there is no need for any. The blueprint for all you are about to create already exists in your heart. And just like in all you’ve been doing in the past, you’ll have to put one foot after the other and let the path guide you. You’ll have to rely on your inner sense and at times trust against all odds that what you know in your innermost heart. You’ll have to rely on the Divine and commune with your Creator every morning and eve. You’ll have to ask others for help and learn to create bridges where there were walls. For in community you will find your strength multiplied.

You’ll have to learn when to say No, when to retreat, when to shut doors and when to step back and let things unfold.

But all of that, and so much more, you already know it. It’s all in you.

So resolve to start now.

Don’t wait another minute.

Don’t wait for any prince charming, any perfect woman or repented parent to come to your rescue.

You are alone. And you are ready.

Can you feel the Universe holding its breath, waiting for you to start?


ps. Want to keep in touch? Me to. Send me an email to coach.bahieh AT gmail DOT com and I’ll keep you informed when the next project comes up. No annoying emails or sales-y stuff, I promise.

pps. You can also follow me on twitter and facebook.

ppps. Thanks for being there!


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Woman of the week :: Magdalena Moryson

Magdalena Moryson, picture by Rafal Moryson

Embracing Your Inner Self

Who are you?

On the spiritual level I’m this vast, amazing and powerful being who chose to be a woman born in Poland. I decided to come as this very sensitive person with huge heart and full of love and joy.

As life happened to me with many painful experiences, lots of who I came as was covered up and I was sinking more and more into the darkness. One day when the emotional pain was too much to handle, I decided to seek help and head back into the light. In the process of my healing journey I moved to Ireland and as I got clearer and brighter I started to help others on their path. As I embraced my past, my own self and life, joy, gratitude and excitement filled my heart. I continue to embrace and expand and I feel very privileged to be alive. 

What are you working on at the moment?

‘The greatest good we can do for others is not just to share our riches with them, but to reveal theirs.” – Zig Ziglar.  —  This is my philosophy!

My passion and life’s purpose is to help people reveal their riches. At the moment I do that by channelling Source energy (I call It Source, you might call It God/ The Infinite/ Creator…) and facilitating deep and powerful healings. I called this method Source Energy Healing – as it’s exactly this!

I’ve also been guided to create a program called Embracing Your Inner Self. In this program I teach people how to align, communicate and work with their Higher Self in order to become their true selves and to create the highest version of their life. The transformation takes place from inside out. All of my clients both from the program and from healing sessions said it’s been truly a life changing experience for them.

Magdalena's blog banner

Who and what inspires you?

* Nature: I absolutely LOVE being in nature and taking photos of It! It puts me in a state of absolute bliss!

* Connection with Source: it’s like being in glowing, warm, loving embrace which is super safe, gentle yet powerful and joyful!!!

* People with open & loving hearts: I’ve been fortunate to meet so many of them… I’m deeply grateful and honoured to have in my life: my wonderful husband Rafal Moryson – he is the best friend & partner ever!!! and my amazing & beautiful friends Kate, Elaine & Fran – they are great source of inspiration and support in my life. 

What is your message to the women of the world?

You’re all perfect, amazing and powerful beings of immense potential. It’s up to you if and how you will use this potential and shape your life. Whatever is causing you pain/discomfort/unhappiness is just a road block and can be removed! You can reconnect with who you truly are and live your life as this sacred inner being.

a part of Magdalena's blog banner

“You can reconnect with who you truly are and live your life as this sacred inner being.”

Embracing Your Inner Self

Want more? Meet our previous woman of the week here.

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Anis Mojgani performs Shake the Dust


This shakes my soul each time.

Anis Mojgani is a two-time National Poetry Slam Champion and winner of the International World Cup Poetry Slam.

He is also an awesome human being.

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Woman of the week :: Brehana Vader

This week I have the pleasure to introduce you to Brehana Vader. I was lucky to meet Bre when she got married to my childhood friend, Dave (aka papa Dave). My mom always tells this story about how Dave and I used to play dolls together and that she even has photos to prove it!
Bre and Dave have always been an example of  amazing parenting and a genuine spirit of Service to others. It is such a treat to have her in this space, I know you will love what she and her husband are up to. 😉

Meet the woman of the week: Brehana Vader.

forever home photography + Just Love Coffee

1- Who are you?

I’m Bre Vader, I’m 27, wife to one exceptional man (hi Dave!) and mother to my two sweeties, Milo (6) and Sonia (4).  I suppose my mission in life is ultimately to do the most good in the short amount of time I am given. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to be a mother so early in my life, which has given me a special vantage point.  I sit on a constant motherly perch of sorts- and see most of my accomplishments, successes and failures, from that perspective.  Most of my fears and insecurities as well as my triumphs and joy come from being a mother to these two beautiful kids.  My world circles back to them.

Professionally, I work in Children’s Development for a TV production company based in Toronto.  I have the blessing of working on creative projects that I ultimately hope with come to some fruition and teach kids all kinds of things about themselves, each other, and the world.  What’s wonderful is that my job is both fulfilling and flexible, so from my motherly perch, it’s pretty near perfect.

Bre & Milo celebrating after they completed the adoption homestudy

2- What are you working on at the moment?


Exciting things in my life at the moment… Dave and I are in the process of adopting two children from Ethiopia. We have always wanted a big family and felt inspired to look into adoption as a way of growing our family, learning about the world, and sharing the tremendous gifts we’ve been given (family, faith, circumstance) with our future children. Adoption is not a glamourous process by any means, but we are enjoying it in the same way that we anticipated our children during my pregnancies … reading books, daydreaming about who they will be, nesting and preparing around the house, and planning for the less-romantic practical things (Minivan! Preschool! Increased grocery consumption! 6 airline tickets no matter where we go!).  We are beyond excited about the journey we are on, it’s a constant on our minds and the kids’ minds… as a family we are so thrilled to be experiencing this.



Adoption is an expensive journey… and we have had to get creative in our fundraising efforts.  At the end of each month, every leftover penny goes to the adoption along with our set, monthly contribution.  Still, an international adoption from Ethiopia costs about $32,000, and to adopt siblings it jumps to just about $40,000.  Dave and I decided to take a leap of faith with a strong commitment to raising the funds in time for the referral of our precious children.

To this end, we are grateful to have two fundraising initiatives happening.

The first is using my photography skills to raise funds for the adoption.  We’ve called it “Forever Home Photography“, and in the Autumn I managed to photograph 25 sessions in just about 3 months.  The generosity and support that we felt was overwhelming.  I’m now booking for spring and summer with the ultimate goal to reach a total of 100 sessions by November of this year.  We think we can do it!

the family... eagerly waiting for two more!!The other initiative we are participating in is so special. We found a site online, run by a man whose family was in the coffee business and who had recently experienced the adoption of children from Ethiopia. His family formed "Just Love Coffee", and now allows families who are in the process of adopting an opportunity to fundraise using his business. Each bag of organic, fair-trade coffee (from around the world!) that is sold give us $5 toward our adoption. We'd only been participating in Just Love Coffee's fundraiser for two days, and already we'd had a contribution of $40 to our adoption. How generous is that? The world could learn from such a generous model! 3- What and who inspires you? I'm inspired by different things depending on the hat I'm wearing at the moment. As a parent, I'm inspired by my own parents whose love for me and my siblings oozes uncontrollably on almost a daily basis. As an artistic person, I'm very often inspired by art and color and light. Professionally, I'm inspired by stories that I hear and trying to make them into stories that teach children something important. On my most personal levels, I am inspired by my husband's patience, my best friend's detachment and commitment, my sister's humor. I am very inspired by the people of the world, most people, who have very little and yet are happy. 4- What is your message to the women of the world? That small, selfless decisions that we make during our lifetimes can have a ripple effect into our families, communities, and humanity on the largest scale. I feel empowered knowing that the process of growing our family through adoption and diversifying our understanding of family and love will effect my children, my grandchildren, their children, and on and on. It's empowering.Bre's kids being their own happy selves

“I am very inspired by the people of the world, most people, who have very little and yet are happy.”

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