picture by Jordan Baese © 2011.

Nice stuff people have said about me… 

“With Bahieh, the whole world is open to conversation. Her bubbly, smiling personality made me feel comfortable and at home. It allowed me to freely open my heart and let my thoughts and our conversations of great depth unravel themselves. Her mentorship left me inquisitive of my own life goals, with a new sense of reinforcement of my personal power and a new understanding of the importance of self-confidence. She’s brilliant, creative, passionate, and spiritual.”

– Maryam Gilpatrick, singer and medical student (blogs here)


“I have known Bahieh for a long time and have appreciated turning to her for advice. She’s a wonderful sounding board and has helped me move forward. I have found our conversations inspiring, energizing and empowering. Inspiring because the ideals that she has are high, and this is what she aims to share with others. energizing, because she’s helped me see beyond my comfort zone, aiming for the sky, but taking one step at the time to get there. Empowering, because she’s made me see that I can take a first step, then a second, then a third, showing me that eventually I will reach my goal. I know that she gives her all in her mentoring clients and am confident that you will find out how much having a conversation with Bahieh will help you find your way in life.

Sarah Vader, lawyer and international relations expert (featured here)


“Dear Bahieh,

After our last conversation, I felt inspired to write these words of appreciation.

You really know how to bring out the best in people so effortlessly in conversation. Back when I was writing my e-book, our conversation on Skype was so eye-opening and gentle. Because of that conversation I changed my book in a way that really aligned with who I was.

You have a knack for talking about the middles spaces (struggles, dark places of life) in a poignant way that still feels encouraging. I feel connected because you live in that space in real life.

 Your gift for human interaction fascinates me. It is genuine and comes from a super sincere place.

I feel lucky to able to work with you.”

– Kandice Nate Cole, writer, singer/songwriter and relaxation seeker. (website here)


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