Man of the week : Qiu Moayad

I’m very excited about this week’s Man of the week, read till the end to find out why.

Qiu Moayad

Meet Qiu. Through a rather unusual life and upbringing: escaping a revolution in Iran as a child with basically only the clothes that he had on, a three year long battle with cancer as a teenager post Chernobyl, academic pursuit and soul searching in his twenties and complete economic collapse and financial resurrection in his thirties, Qiu gradually realized that nothing in life ‘just happens’ and that we always play and integral role in everything that we experience, even in situations we think we have no control over: such as revolutions or nuclear and economic meltdowns. Our own frequencies attract the very experiences that we either enjoy or loathe – it is through our way of thinking and paradigms that we lead the life that we are in. Through simple techniques we can alter the direction of our life’s journey where we ultimately can learn how to consciously create the life we want to live.
How do you serve the world?
I help people to realize that they are not mere ‘bouncy balls’ and victims of a stormy sea called life drifting about aimlessly until, by chance, they reach a safe haven once in a while. Once you realize that literally everything in life is energy and ultimately everyone and everything is connected and learn how to utilize this all encompassing net of cosmic power you will be able to consciously and proactively create a fulfilled, happy, and healthy life.
How do you take care of yourself while serving the world?
Due to the fact that I had cancer as a teenager I am very conscious about my physical, mental and spiritual health. From the simple routine check-ups, such as getting my blood work done and paying a visit to my dentist and dental hygienist, to working out practically daily: gym, yoga, and jogging and of course my daily meditation and visualization routines.
What is the biggest lesson you have learned through being of Service?
That we all carry the power of self healing in us. All it takes is learning how to tap into this power and unwavering faith that we can heal broken bones and broken relationships alike.
What and who inspires you?
All people who have broken the mold and changed the paradigm to create a better world. From ‘big names’ such as Nelson Mandela, Mohandas Gandhi, Buddha, Martin Luther King, Jr., to my very own great grandfather Haji Khodabakhsh who was one of the most kind, forgiving, progressive thinking, and generous human beings I have ever heard of: he forgave his son’s killer at a time (Iran of 1880’s) where he could have demanded that person to be executed, didn’t turn his back on the religion he had adopted – even when tremendously tortured – and helped the poor in his village.
If you had 6 months left to live, what would you do?
First thing I would do if finally tackle my fear of heights and jump off of an airplane (skydiving).
What is a favorite quote of yours? 
Keep it simple!
Why am I so happy to have Qiu over? Because we are cousins!
Check who our last guest was here.


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The Year of Love

When I declared, at the beginning of this year, that 2012 would be the Year of Love, I had no idea what I was getting into.

I imagined this would be the year I would meet my life partner and start a journey of love, companionship and life-long creation with him.

What I did not imagine what that love would take over my life and until it encompassed every aspect of it.

Take my business for instance. I have learnt that for it to flourish, it needs my tender and loving attention. I need to be patient, caring and loving with it as I would with a newborn. It’s kind of crazy, when you think of it, to treat my business like a tiny human being but it’s pretty close to reality. It is just starting in its new incarnation* and needs me to mother it and tend to its every need so it’s grows beautifully.

If I just treat my business like a source of money, it will contract and respond unwillingly. If I love it and trust it and let it know it won’t be pushed more that it can, it will cooperate.

Then look at love in the context of family. I learnt so much about what it means to truly love and truly serve by observing my brother and his wife being parents. Parenting involves so much sacrifice, frustration and being out of your comfort zone. And it’s all fueled by love. And as a child of my parents, spending a month in their home increased my appreciation for them so much. Having a healthy relationship with your parents is such an incredible asset for adult life. During the past month my love for them has turned into pure adoration. So that’s for family.

Your home to, needs love. That’s going to be a big one for me in the next few weeks as I move back to Latin America and look for a new home in which to live, work and play. I have set my heart on this city as I sense it holds great promises for my future.

So three months into 2012 and my whole life has sweetened at the touch of love. Think for yourself, which part of your life do you want to bless with more love? The beauty of it is you don’t need download any App for this or buy an elaborate device. You just choose an area and apply love on it, like a balm that you have never-ending supplies of. And if you feel you might run out of it, just ask God for a refill.


I have just finished this course. I am just filled with so much love and gratitude right now.

It was thought by the delightful Hiro Boga whose page I recommend you visit. She has a bunch of free resources here that I turn to from time to time, it always feels like coming home.

And just tonight I was reading this post by her, which inspired me to write to you about love.

Her post is called “All you need is love” and the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

*I am extending my in-person practice of coaching and psychology to serve an online audience as well. This is what I mean by “new form” for my business.


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Man of the week: Scott Ginsberg

Remember when I told you there would be guys at the party? Yep.  Enjoy.

Meet Scott. He wears a nametag at all times and even has one tattooed on his chest. Aouch.

Meet Scott. Scott Ginsberg is an author, speaker, consultant, mentor, publisher, award-winning blogger & one smoking hot piece of brain candy. He’s done 600+ global programs on approachability, identity, execution & stick-to-itiveness. He also wears a name tag 24-7. Even to bed.

How do you serve the world?
I share where I suck to help others feel less alone about facing their own imperfections, and I share my story as a mirror in which people can see their own potential.

How do you take care of yourself while serving the world?
I meditate every day. I do yoga every day. I don’t ingest anything to alter myself. I pay myself first. I sing and dance and relax as often as possible. And pretzels. Lots of pretzels.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned through being of service?
Life without someone to share it with, isn’t.

What and who inspires you?
My girlfriend inspires me down to my toes, every day. I never belonged anywhere until I met her. She brings out the brightest version of me. Dating her is like dating a musical.

If you had six months left to live, what would you do?
I would eat a lot of chicken wings, have a lot of sex, spend most of my time with the people I love, record a podcast every single day, sleep as little as possible, see as many concerts as possible, go to cool countries besides America that actually treat their citizens like adults, and streak through Times Square with a bunch of friends.

What is a favorite quote of yours?

Mattering is a choice.


Since you made it all the way to the end, we’ve got a TREAT for you!! Ready?

You can download Scott’s latest book for *free* here.  Just scroll down the article and you’ll see the link. Trust me, it is good stuff. 

That looks like it hurts.

Check who our last guest was here.


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ps. There will be men.

Hey sweets!!

I know I haven’t been around much lately. What with taking a long blog nap to travel around the world and all.

So I’ll make it up by serving some extra goodness.

This week we are kicking a new interview season. Remember when I use to pick some great Woman of the Week for you?

The women we featured last season

Well, there will be more starting this Wednesday. Except we’re adding some male elements to the batch!!

So this season’s theme is: “ps. There will be men.” 

I know, brilliant. clap. clap.

I figured even the best party gets boring after a while if it’s only girls.

So here we are, opening our arms to the other half of humanity and welcoming them on board!!

Buckle up, the first interview will be aired this Wednesday.

ps. There will be men. for reals.

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Be yourself

Some words of wisdom for you, my friend.

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I’m back and on Facebook

Hello world!!

So I am back from a long lovely exotic well-deserved relaxing enchanting break. Can you tell I had a god time?

We all need them every once in a while. There is a way we can resist them at the beginning because there is simply so much to do and so many items calling our attention from our daily life and work. I mean, how many people actually take their computer with them on holidays? But when we do pause and set the computer aside, magic starts to happen. Our body gets a chance to rest and move in new ways, our mind gets freer and our soul sometimes get a respite to.

The beauty of rest is that when you get enough of it, it also fuels creativity. So I am now back, refreshed and with tons of new ideas and projects to implement. And no, I will not actually implement tons of ideas else I will need another break pretty soon. I will just choose the best ones and see where they take me.

There’s some new things going on here:

* is changing. I am taking new directions in my life and work. And the blog is following. As you might know – or not – I am a trained life coach and psychologist. I’ve been busy doing lots of other things on the side lately. But I’ve missed my work. So I am coming back to it. So the blog is being aligned with my mission of helping others through my work. And my mission is aligned with serving you. So I will be talking less about me and more about you. 

* I might share a bit less personal stuff here. I’ve been feeling this need since a while. A desire to be more protective of my “core” in a sense. (you know what I mean). I’m sensing there will be another space for that in the future. And maybe it’s a needed step for me to be able to serve you 100%. But I promise to stick to authenticity, honesty and simplicity like I’ve done in the past. I’m still myself after all.

* I am on Facebook!! Yes. Come be my friend here I will post quotes, news about life, links to cool stuff, blog links. And you also have a chance to interact with me, poke me and wish me happy birthday (not quite yet!). Ain’t that cool?

* I will upload my pictures from Asia on Flickr and Facebook soon. I am now sorting through more than 1000 pictures!

Now tell me, how have things been with you?


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Wanderlust gratitude


market in Ecuador, picture by Vitoria Netto © 2011

{Wanderlust n.m.}  very strong or irresistible impulse to travel

I am fully indulging in Wanderlust lately!

As you read this I am on a plane flying over the Middle East on my way to Asia. The main purpose of my trip is to visit somebody cute (aka my nephew) and meet up with the rest of the family. Actually, let’s face it, my whole family is cute. We’ve got good genes, what can I say? (nothing).

And before that I have been in Europe for one week, staying at my parents and getting ready for the second leg of my trip. There was a terrible wave of polar cold coming from the North and I had a real hard time adapting. But honestly, I knew it could have been worst. The second night I was there I saw a segment on the news about a young homeless man having to brave the cold during nights in a row until a local charity found him a shelter. It was really heartbreaking to watch this as I was under my two cosy blankets sipping hot green tea with honey.

Which makes me think of all the things we take for granted. Before leaving Ecuador – which is now my home – so many people asked me what traveling was like. Friends and neighbours interrogated me. What is it like to be on a plane? How does it feel to touch snow? What are people like in your country? How does French sound like? Can you say a few words, oh please do!!

A neighbour of mine, 18 years old and cute as hell couldn’t stop asking: What does it feel like the first time you step out of a plane and realize you are in a foreign country? What is the experience? Do you feel different? It must be sooo great!! I knew she wanted to hear something very specific but I really didn’t know what to answer. I mean, honestly, I have no recollection whatsoever of the first time I traveled to a foreign country. Traveling has just become second nature to me.

So yes, Wanderlust is awesome. And so is being grateful for all the things we can easily take for granted.

Here are a few things I am grateful for:

–       That hot shower I just  took. With the right pressure and perfect temperature. I am not taking it for granted, believe me. (Here’s an ode to hot water by the way, totally clickworthy).

–       Central heating in my parent’s house. So so good. I know some people a few blocks from here might not have  the same privileges.

–       Being able to travel. Oh my, big one. Especially when I know what it costs to the environment.

–       Skype. And the 5 computers I could use it on.

–       Having a family that is healthy and relatively normal. (hey, I said relatively).

–       My education. The one that allows me to go to a developing country and be part of the elite because I have been educated in the West. And that allows me to work online and make in an day more than some locals make in a week.

–       My health insurance that I am going to make full use of on this trip. A friend in Latin America just had to pay from her own pocket to have a tumour extracted from her brain. I hurts, doubly.

–       My books. All my books that have been waiting for me patiently on the shelves until I come back. Books are expensive, did you ever realize?

–       The bus system in Geneva. Clean, efficient and a little overpriced.

–       Safety. Wow, big one here. Coming from a country where danger is at every street corner I am in pure awe of the safety one feels in Switzerland. Not that I didn’t know, I had just forgotten.

–       I could go on and on.

But you get the point.

This is not about “Do you realize how lucky you are – some poor kid is dying in Africa??!!” But more like, “Wow, do you realize how damn lucky you are? Yes, life is that good to you.”

So just pause and say: ‘thanks, life.’

And then, tell me… What are you most grateful for right now?


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