Nice to  meet you !!

that’s me. picture by Jordan Baese © 2011.

Short version :

Coach. Psychologist. Baha’i. Traveller. Woman. Mango-eater.

Sharpest intuition on the block. Honest + straightforward. Spiritually oriented. Explorer of the dark side.

I’ve got nothin’ but love, babe.

Long version :

My life.

I was born in 1979 and curious, playful and sensitive from the start. I grew up in Switzerland, in a Persian family and was put on a plane to travel the world before I could even walk. With the travel bug came a yearning to serve the world like a true a world citizen. I remember being half-nerdy and half-artsy in school. I studied Latin and ancient Greek in high school and spent most after school hours in drama club or the painting studio. I even dabbled in photography for a while and exhibited some pictures in the States.

In 1998, freshly out of high school, I ventured to Latin America for a volunteer year of service (with my hard-won parent’s blessing!). I worked in a rural school serving the Quechua population of Otavalo, Ecuador and fell in mad love with the country’s people and landscapes. My return home in 1999 also brought an immense culture-schock that led me into deep introspection. For the next ten years, I immersed myself in the studies of the inner world and the arts and sciences of psychology, life coaching and chinese medicine. In 2010, I moved back to Ecuador and that’s where I have been since then.

My work.

I came to this work intentionally, purposefully and prepared to serve others. I spent 10 years studying, exploring and gaining experience. As a psychologist, I have worked with adults and teenagers, people suffering from mental illness, refugees fighting to reconstruct their life after loss, businessmen and women looking for balance and meaning. Since 2009, I’ve added coaching to psychology and launched my own practice. My clients appreciate my candor, my gift of deep listening and my structured approach to life’s big problems. 

In terms of personal work, I have done about 12 years of therapy and healing work and as a result have changed in profound ways. I have been through hell and back more than a few times. I have faced many a dark part inside of me. I have shifted my story from one of hopelessness, helplessness and loss to one of power, acceptance, love and joy.  Having done my work allows me to coach you through the dark and messy parts with full awareness and acceptance.

I’ve got the trophies and medals.

  • Masters in psychology from the University of Lausanne in Switzerland.
  • Coursework in psychology at the University of Geneva in Switzerland.
  • Coursework in psychology at the University of Montreal in Canada.
  • Certificate in traditional chinese medicine from a private school in France (Centre d’etude et de développement en ethnomédecine, CEDRE).
  • Training in coactive coaching from the Coaches Training Institute.


I can’t wait to meet you!


:: testimonial ::

“With Bahieh, the whole world is open to conversation. Her bubbly, smiling personality made me feel comfortable and at home. It allowed me to freely open my heart and let my thoughts and our conversations of great depth unravel themselves. Her mentorship left me inquisitive of my own life goals, with a new sense of reinforcement of my personal power and a new understanding of the importance of self-confidence. She’s brilliant, creative, passionate, and spiritual.”

Maryam Gilpatrick, singer and youth volunteer (blogs here)

Find out more about my coaching services here. Read testimonials here.


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