Woman of the week : Karen Christensen

Hi sweets!!

I am over-the-top excited for you to meet Karen Christensen today. Her mission is so precious and her website so ripe with delicious + inspirational goodness that it would be a crime not to check it. (After you read this interview of course!). Enjoy. 

Karen Christensen

The Legacy Boutique

Meet Karen. A former model and actress, turned photographer | producer | mentor | speaker, Karen Christensen understands the pressures and wonders of being in front of the lens. Commissioned internationally by public figures and everyday women, Karen captures and coaches women through milestone moments. Karen’s actionista creative mentorship inspires women with humor and measurable results to become the ones they are waiting for and to live with passion and purpose.

How do you serve the world?

It’s always a journey, right? Whether through photography, producing, mentoring, or speaking — I’m really always trying to advocate for women. I strive to make my “Art my Activism” by …

Hosting esteem-building photography sessions, donating a percentage of talents + proceeds to children and women-centered NGO’s like Kiva, mentoring with celebrity endorsed programs like The Young Storyteller’s Foundation, Big Brother/Big Sister, The Art of Elysium, photographing for women’s campaigns like BodyHeart, developing curriculums to help women in life and in business, and leading women’s organizations like the LA chapter of Tribal Truth later this year. 

How do you take care of yourself while serving the world?

Great question! I’m my most peaceful {+ my most productive} when I carve out time for this type of daily morning practice: waking just after sunrise, journaling, meditating, making green juice, working out with girlfriends on the beach, and then pre-planning the day’s To Do list. So many people today, myself included, feel like we’re “on-call” at all times and to everyone. Truth is — no email, no voicemail, no tweet, is so dire that it has to be answered before 9am. A daily morning practice is the least we all owe ourselves. 

A woman on the run

What is the biggest lesson you have learned through being of service?

That my own life’s challenges, disappointment, are really no more than champagne problems. That I have had so many unearned privileges {like being born healthy, free, having access to public education and clean water}, that I must remember: doors have been opened for me where they’ve been closed for others.  Gratitude must come first and last, with everything.

What and who inspires you?

Zainab Salbi, founder of Women for Women, Int, promotes the concept of, “moving women from victims to survivors to agents of change.” And that intention really resonates with my own passion and purpose at The Legacy Boutique. Her focus is on helping women survivors of war, but I extend this idea to include all women — as so many of us are waging wars against ourselves, unknowingly.

Karen Christensen posing for http://www.bodyheart.com

If you had 6 months to live, what would you do?

Since losing my best friend to leukemia, when I was just 24 years old, these types of questions have always haunted me. Truthfully? I don’t know if any of us can really answer this until we’re there. But, I’d like to think I’d focus 99% of my energy on laughing, on learning, on living. My favorite quote is by Emily Dickinson as it reminds me of the fragility of time, “That it never comes again is what makes life so sweet.” My fiancé laughs, but I have affirmations and inspirational quotes all over our house, reminding me to live in the moment and to be fearless.

 “That it never comes again is what makes life so sweet.” 

–  Emily Dickinson

go check Karen’s website here now!!

meet our previous guest here.


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