I badly need to get a life!

I so need to “get a life” right now.

I have moved to a new city less than 2 weeks ago and am starting from scratch. once again.

So far I have no house, no steady job, my personal life is pretty non-existent and my social circle is limited. I don’t even own a piece of furniture. So where do I start from?

Before I start panicking online and wondering whether I’ll ever “get a life”, let’s pause. And breathe.

This so-called life that we feel pressured to get is no big deal after all. Yes, it is important to have job. Of course, it is nice to have a house where you can sleep and entertain people. It is kind of useful to have an address and a phone number for people to reach you. But this is not the life, just a part of it.

When I think about it, I have much more life than I ever used to. I have a strong sense of purpose. I have a soul that is on fire, a heart that is expanding more and more each day, a mind in awe of my new surroundings. I have a tranquility and confidence I had never known before. I have a supportive family and an untouched stash of chocolate. I have immense faith and great memories from a recent pilgrimage. I have everything I need to keep me going until I build a so-called life for myself here.

So here’s that. When you put things in perspective, you realize you have way more than you think. When you pause and reflect you remember what is true, beyond the slogans we like to repeat like mindless monkeys. I don’t need to “get a life”, I have all that I need.

“You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.”

– C.S. Lewis


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7 responses to “I badly need to get a life!

  1. O my goodness!
    you know yourself so well !!!
    loved the part on “soul on fire” and “stash of chocolates” !! 🙂

  2. cecile

    well reflected my dear… love it indeed ! so don’t go trapped in the so called life and keep your soul and heart pure & on fire !! but… where r u on earth btw ?

    • Hi dear!! Quito, Ecuador is where I landed last. I’m trying to build a life here, or get a life, or whatever it’s called 😉 come visit.

  3. Beautifully written, it puts everything in perspective.

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